New Port Richey & Trinity Accident Specialist

We specialize in the care and treatment of auto injuries, as well as reducing pain so our patients can function and return to normal activities quickly.

On average, there were more than 235,000 automobile accidents in Florida last year. Car accidents are a fact of life in today's world. Many car accidents appear minor in damage but can leave people with a lifetime of problems.

Many people make the mistake of not coming for treatment because they don't have health insurance. Injuries from car accidents are paid under the auto insurance policy. This insurance (called PIP) is mandatory in Florida. Our treatment is fully covered by automobile insurance policies up to the allotted 10,000 dollars coverage. This treatment is provided no matter who is at fault; and no matter whether you were the driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian. Our office accepts payments for treatment from car insurance providers. We will submit the necessary insurance paper work and help you file a claim with the auto insurance company. Because we are Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, we can determine the severity of your injuries under the new 2012 law which was just passed by Governor Scott. By using our services, you have the ability of receiving the full 10,000 dollars in coverage limits unlike chiropractors and the like.