School Sports & Work Physicals

School Sports Physicals

Every participant in a school sports team is required to complete a pre-participation physical examination, also called sports physicals. We offer sports physicals at both medical centers in Pasco County

Sports physicals consist of two parts: a medical history and a physical examination. The goals of sports physicals are to evaluate an athlete's general health, current fitness level, risk of injury, and physical well-being. Sports physicals are recommended for students and adults that are taking part in:

  • School or interleague sports program
  • Club sports teams
  • New fitness regimens

A sports physical allows a physician to identify any conditions that might keep the athlete out of the game or affect performance. Athletes should have a physical six weeks before the start of the sport season; however this can vary due to changing sport seasons. This timing provides an opportunity to address an existing injury or improve conditioning prior to participation in the activity.

Our patients bring the necessary forms from their school/organizations so the physician may complete at the time of visit: family illnesses history, hospitalizations, past injuries, and a player's overall health. If a problem is discovered, the doctor and athlete can work together to develop a plan to prep the athlete for competition.

Requirements of sports physicals can vary by sport and organization. Be sure to check with your sports program administrator about the necessary requirements, in order to be cleared to participate.

Employment Physicals

Employers may require a pre-employment physical examination to determine the eligibility of an individual for employment with their company. Drug testing and physical ability tests may also be included as a condition of employment with that company. We at Family Medical Centers can perform all the required testing for you.

Pre-Employment Physical Exams

Employment physical examinations may include health inquiries and physical examinations, including physical or mental health assessments. To protect against discrimination in hiring, the physical examination should be required after a job is offered. The physical examination must be related to the job the applicant will be doing.

Physical Ability Tests

Physical ability tests measure the physical ability of an applicant to perform a particular task or the strength of specific muscle groups, as well as strength and stamina in general.

Drug and Alcohol Tests

There are several types of drugs tests that candidates for employment may be asked to take. The types of drug tests which show the presence of drugs or alcohol include urine drug screen, hair drug or alcohol testing, saliva drug screen, and sweat drug screen. We can gather the sample at either of our locations and if necessary send them out to the appropriate laboratory for testing. This will save the patient from having to go to a separate location and lessen the time needed to finish this possible requirement for employment.